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Archive for May, 2011

Bringing the Heat!

Texas Worm Ranch is building gardens today for Maple and Motor restaurant.  The restaurant is well revered by the local food scene, and tales of M&M burgers with grilled jalapenos can be found all over the Web-World.  Thanks to the prodding of a certain patron, and the gumption of owner, Jack Perkins–M&M customers can start dreaming now of  the organic, safely grown,  just off the vine, smacking good heat of grilled jalapenos on those burgers.  Wipe the drool of your chin!

The Way of the Worm

I’ve been speculating lately about the way of the worm. Worms are simple creatures, with a complex and under-rated task. They clean up after others and quietly and efficiently transform that waste into a wonderful life source for us all, the soil ecosystem. Such a small creature entrusted with such an important role. If one worm can do so much good, what can one woman do? Join the underground movement and see what we burrow into as we investigate The Way of the Worm.