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Sustainable Revolution

I know everybody has been keeping an eye on their stock portfolios, the national debt debacle, the rising cost (and depletion) of fossil fuels and the heat…but I wonder if anybody has had the thought of how all this might impact them, and what they can do to protect themselves a bit?  It doesn’t mean moving to Canada (yet), but a little move to sustainability would be prudent for every family, I think.  So bear with me, in a series of blogs.  We’ll talk of the Why, What, and How to go from being totally dependent on the current food system, to at least supplementing your food supply, while reducing your food budget and improving your health.  Meanwhile, we can help you reduce your water use, energy costs and mowing time.  What we will try to accomplish is moving you to an Urban, Sustainable, Ecosystem.

There’s nothing more peaceful than a gardener sowing his/her seeds, and I can only grin to think of gardeners with pitchforks in hand, marching on City Hall.  However, the systems, codes, and social mores we have in place do tend to make the gentle gardener somewhat of an anachronism these days.  Our neighbors and HOAs expect us to have perfectly groomed, green and homogeneous yards, the codes of our cities support that, and the federal government subsidizes cheaply made processed foods to the point that most Americans have gone to the dark side of food that is cheap and easy, but not necessarily healthful or inexpensive for our medical system.   Be prepared to be labeled as an antagonist, perhaps an anarchist, or at the very least a civil resistor when you grab your shovel and compost.  Perhaps your neighbors will lob more colorful names your way as you transform a portion of water-sucking lawn space to self sustaining foodscapes, but once you share a homegrown tomato with them, perhaps they will concede that battle?

If you want to be prepared for rising food costs, water restrictions, fuel shortages, job loss, or simply want to lead your family to lead a healthier lifestyle, then join the Revolution—we are here to help you become a USEr (Urban, Sustainable, Ecosystem).


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