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Grow Green

Tips for growing greener …be organic, affordable and successful in your yard.


1)      Quit Chemicals Cold Turkey

In America, we dump nearly 100 million pounds of toxic and cancer-causing pesticides on lawns and gardens each year.  These chemicals kill the biological life in the soil, poison our natural waterways, and expose humans to significant risk:

“Studies show that these hazardous lawn chemicals are drifting into our homes where they contaminate indoor air and surfaces, exposing children at levels ten times higher than pre-application levels.

Of 30 commonly used lawn pesticides, 19 are linked with cancer or carcinogencity, 13 are linked with birth defects, 21 with reproductive effects, 26 with liver or kidney damage, 15 with neurotoxicity, and 11 with disruption of the endocrine (hormonal) system.”

From: http://www.beyondpesticides.org/pesticidefreelawns/


2)      Plan to go green  a)  replace some lawn space with drought tolerant perennials, b) grow your own veggies c)  think of habitat plants for birds, bees, butterflies, reptiles and amphibians d)  replace your lawn/pest service with a greener service (Rohde’s, Ron’s Organics, Lindsey’s Tree Service Worm Wine Treatment, Green Pest Guys)  e) when your mower goes, replace with electric f)don’t use blowers

3)      Capture and create your own fertilizer, instead of sending it to the landfill.  Composting is easy and free!

4)      Water Wisely for lawn health and conservation —1 inch per week (including rain) on lawns—no more than twice a week for yards.  Water in morning, for best results.

5)      Mulch-Mow leaves and grass clippings to fertilize your yard.

6)      Use Mulch in Beds to conserve water, protect roots and keep soil healthy and alive.

7)      Empty water sources to prevent mosquitoes

8)      Enjoy your natural surroundings


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