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Wow!  It’s been a crazy couple of years as an Urban Organic “Farmer”.  Last year we saw heat and drought that took me back in time to our Oklahoma farm and the the awful summer of 1980.  Just like then, the earth was scorched, the heat was unbearable and crops sizzled under the Sun.  This year, August is proving a much milder fellow, but our nemesis is falling like rain from the sky.  Our County is dumping toxic pesticide from airplanes in an inane attempt to combat West Nile Virus carrying mosquitoes.  So, we have beautiful crops that we can’t eat or sell, because we don’t want to sell anything we won’t feed our families!

Despite all this, I feel hope.  It’s nearly a new season.  I’ve placed my faith in seeds nestled in flats. I’ve given them love and tender care by placing them in sunny spots during the cooler parts of the day and bringing them into the shade during the heat of the day.  I have brought them in to avoid the overnight pesticide spraying.  I pray for sense and reason to come to our local government and awareness and education to enlighten our citizens.

In this vein, Texas Worm Ranch has an educational opportunity to help enlighten people who want to tread a lighter footprint, our Urban Sustainable Ecosystem workshops.  We have brought in a team of experts to help you turn your backyard into an organic and sustainable oasis.  I’m really worried about the bees and other pollinators that have been devastated by this spraying.  North Texas’s best bee educators, Brandon and Susan Pollard, from Texas Honeybee Guild, will teach us how to create a backyard pollinator habitat.

I’ll be teaching you how to create a Fall Garden, which is a big passion of mine.  I’m not sure people realize just how productive a Fall and Winter Garden can be.  Year round food crops are possible here in North Texas, and winter greens and daily salads are a wonderful way to eat healthy at a lower cost.  Also, it is much easier to garden when it isn’t 110 degrees and all the pests are out!

John Krause, from Living Natural First Radio, is a longtime organic gardener and radio host on Natural Living.  He will start off our day by outlining why and how you can become organic and sustainable in your yard.  We’ll give detailed compost education, so you will be successful with saving money by converting your yard and food waste.  Carrie Dubberly of Dubberly Landscaping info on saving water costs by using a Rain Garden.  Finally, Roger Sanderson, Director of Horticulture at Texas Discovery Gardens will be teaching us how we can help our native creatures and save money by using more drought tolerant and native plants (Fall is the best time to install all plants, bushes and trees in our area!).

This is just the first of 2 workshops.  Our educators aim to help our natural ecosystem heal from the effects of heat, drought, and toxic chemicals.  We need to help get the word out on how to accomplish this.  After attending, we hope that you will have a safer and more affordable landscape.  More importantly, we hope you will come and learn how to become an ambassador in spreading these messages of stewardship and sustainability throughout your neighborhoods.  Please consider joining us, learning more, and “beeing” the bridge to saner, more natural living.  Our bees and other creatures, our children and grandchildren, and our communities will be better for it.

Here is the link to sign up for one or both workshops:

Urban Sustainable Ecosystems

Happy Gardening!

Heather Rinaldi

Texas Worm Ranch


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