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There’s no need to call the leaf blower!

Your daily food for thought: Do forests need chemical fertilization?


Why? Because the trees shed leaves or pine needles for self-fertilization. Just like in your yard–see those bags on your curb? You just threw your free fertilizer away. Mulch mow that in or compost it. If you have excess, you can take it to a local farmer or community garden.  Sending ti to the landfill just takes up landfill space and creates methane air pollution when it decomposes there.

That noisy leaf blower…not only does it irritate your neighbors and make you deaf, but it creates the same amount of toxic air pollution as 17 cars used the same amount of time.

Our planet’s soil used to be an ecosystem with microscopic organisms that ate and returned nutrients to trees and grass  from decomposing leaves, grass, and other organic debris while keeping disease and pests in balance (funny how Nature provides that and we didn’t need chemicals until post WW2, right?).  Most Americans have spent thousands of dollars on chemical fertilizers, weed killers, pesticides and fungicides that kill off this healthy ecosystem.  It’s about the same as deciding your body doesn’t need skin to protect it anymore, lets just kill it!  So now, many of our urban yards and vast acres of conventional croplands are sterile soil ecosystems–ripe for pests, ripe for disease, and needing more and more chemical fertilizers to look like golf course paradises.

Those chemicals, the ones with millions of dollars of advertising?  Started with petro-chemical companies wanting to get rid of excess munitions after WWII  Today, they kill off our natural soil organisms that should be working for us, are hazardous to our families with constant exposure as we play in our yards, and runoff and pollute our waterways.  Midwest cropland chemical pollution travels all the way down the Mississippi River and destroys prime coastal habitats in the Gulf of Mexico.

How do we restore our soil ecosystem and put those wonderful micro-organisms back into our soil and stop the cycle of pollution?  First, use those leaves!  Second, Worm castings and worm casting teas are one of the most complete and rich sources of these natural microbes.  Caveat–maybe not the bags of worm castings you buy at the retail nursery.  They are dried and sealed tightly in an airtight plastic bag.  No oxygen or moisture=no life.–  Texas Worm Ranch  harvests and sells our worm castings the same week, puts them in breathable bags and strives to have the highest number of beneficial microbes, backed up by microscope and laboratory testing.  We can ship small amounts or arrange for large amounts.  We can spray your property locally in the Dallas Ft. Worth area or help you make your own worm casting tea anywhere in the country.  We are here to help you have a safe, natural, and healthy ecosytem–from your yard, your family and our mutual planet.  E-mail us at rancher@txwormranch.com and let us know your needs.

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