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New Year Opportunity for Organic Growers and Producers

Our mission at Texas Worm Ranch is to:

  • Reduce the local waste stream
  • Create beautiful and safe landscapes and gardens
  • Promote the use and enjoyment of local, sustainable, organic agriculture

The TOFGA conference is right around the corner, and we look forward to seeing all of our friends there.  We would love to schedule a time to talk about your program and see if our worm castings or aerated worm casting teas might benefit your production.  Please let us know if you would like to schedule a time to meet with us in Austin.

Worm castings and aerobically aerated worm casting teas have been a key ingredient in the success of organic and natural programs from vegetable gardens to grass fed beef operations.  We can help you increase the yield of your pastures, fields, and gardens. 

 Now is the time to think ahead about applying worm castings or an aerobically aerated worm casting tea to your property in timing with the last expected freeze date for your area.


Want more info?  Contact:  Heather Rinaldi or Steve Clary at info@txwormranch.com

Texas Worm Ranch is now taking bulk orders for premium worm castings.   In an effort to make it more affordable for our organic…Image partners, we will offer reduced pricing for bulk pre-orders placed a minimum of 10 weeks in advance of needing castings. A 50% deposit is required.  Pre-orders help ensure you will have the castings for application when you need them, and get an affordable price to inoculate your soil with the gold standard of beneficial soil microbiology.

This opportunity allows us to partner with our Texas farmers and ranchers in a way that helps us meet your demand, while helping you determine the best way to use our product to your farm’s health and bottom line benefit.

 ***We can also help you partner with Texas’ best applicators of soil biology inoculate field spraying***

Here is information about our product and what we hope to help you accomplish.

Feed your soil, naturally, with Texas Worm Ranch Premium Worm Castings and experience the profit and performance benefit from improving your soil ecosystem through our high quality worm castings or worm casting tea applications.

Test results:  “Above expected levels of bacteria and fungi, great diversity (of protozoa) – good for soil functioning in all conditions, good inoculums of both bacteria and fungi.  Nitrogen Cycling Potential:  300 lbs/acre”– Earthfort Labs

 Want more info?  Contact:  info@txwormranch.com

 Why buy Texas Worm Ranch Premium Worm Castings?

Our Goal is to ensure that our castings are the premium standard for the industry, in both nutrient value and soil biology.  Texas Worm Ranch is committed to a quality product that will greatly improve your soil health and production, increasing your profit potential.

  • Unlike other casting producers, our worms are never fed peat moss (an unsustainable and antimicrobial food source) or just one food source of any kind. 
  • We custom feed a diverse mix of natural vegetative waste to produce a premium standard of abundant biomass of beneficial soil organisms and nutrients.
  • Our castings are tested by a SoilFoodWeb and Dr. Elaine Ingram approved laboratory for diversity and mass of soil biology and nutrient cycling potential.
  • We use our castings in our own organic yard and tree treatments and vegetable production.  We require the highest quality for our purposes and pass that quality on for our customers’ success.
  • Our castings are harvested weekly and kept moist and alive to ensure you get the highest quality and diversity of biological life when applied to your property or clients’ property.
  • We also partner with two other TOFGA members who are widely regarded as the state’s best applicators of organic treatments.  If you are within their service regions, we will be able to connect you with them to apply Texas Worm Ranch casting product on your property.

Most regions in Texas will experience their last freeze date in Mid-March.  If you would like to benefit most from our early order discount, the time to order is before January 10th!  Email us today and we will get you started for success in 2013.

Info @txwormranch.com




Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

Season Greetings from Texas Worm Ranch!
It’s the Holiday Season, and Texas Worm Ranch sends our warmest wishes to our friends! If you are thinking local, sustainable or organic–with a twist of fun, we can help you fill your holiday needs.  Whether you order online or email us to meet your local DFW shopping needs, we are here to help!
Here are a couple events we will be at and some items we are offering that can fill that stocking of your organically minded friend or family member.
  • White Rock Local Market:  Dec 8th,  9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.  
  • Coppell Farmer’s Market:  Dec 8th, 8:00 a.m – Noon 
Local Offer:  Email us by December 6th to pick up a pre-made Working Worm Bin at either of these markets or our worm warehouse and receive a FREE! 2 lb bag of Texas Worm Ranch Worm Castings!
What is a pre-made Worm Bin you ask?    


Our Worm Bins are the perfect size for the home vermicomposter.  We set up a “working” worm bin with already established microbial activity and a habitat the worms enjoy and are adapted to.  The bin is a pre-drilled and properly ventilated 10 gallon container with compost, newspaper bedding and 1/2 lb of red wiggler worms.  Within 2 months (just in time for early spring planting!) you will be producing worm castings for your garden and worm cocoons to increase your herd. 

Cost: 40.00 per bin.

Just want the poop?  Here are a couple options for the black gold of organic gardening – 100% Premium Texas Worm Ranch Worm Castings!

2 lb Gift Bag of Texas Worm Ranch Premium Worm Castings:  $5.00

Buy two of our 10lb bags ($20.00 each) and get a 2lb gift bag for FREE!

Worm Castings Large & Small

Freshly harvested, biologically rich and nutrient dense worm castings.  Perfect for potted plants, seed starting, veggie and flower gardens.  $5 for local pickup or free with Pre-ordered Working Worm Bin!
Yes, we can ship!  For an extra $6.75, we’ll gladly ship your order anywhere in the continental US!

To order, email us at:  rancher@txwormranch.com and we will send you a secure Paypal Invoice.

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