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Season Greetings from Texas Worm Ranch!
It’s the Holiday Season, and Texas Worm Ranch sends our warmest wishes to our friends! If you are thinking local, sustainable or organic–with a twist of fun, we can help you fill your holiday needs.  Whether you order online or email us to meet your local DFW shopping needs, we are here to help!
Here are a couple events we will be at and some items we are offering that can fill that stocking of your organically minded friend or family member.
  • White Rock Local Market:  Dec 8th,  9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.  
  • Coppell Farmer’s Market:  Dec 8th, 8:00 a.m – Noon 
Local Offer:  Email us by December 6th to pick up a pre-made Working Worm Bin at either of these markets or our worm warehouse and receive a FREE! 2 lb bag of Texas Worm Ranch Worm Castings!
What is a pre-made Worm Bin you ask?    


Our Worm Bins are the perfect size for the home vermicomposter.  We set up a “working” worm bin with already established microbial activity and a habitat the worms enjoy and are adapted to.  The bin is a pre-drilled and properly ventilated 10 gallon container with compost, newspaper bedding and 1/2 lb of red wiggler worms.  Within 2 months (just in time for early spring planting!) you will be producing worm castings for your garden and worm cocoons to increase your herd. 

Cost: 40.00 per bin.

Just want the poop?  Here are a couple options for the black gold of organic gardening – 100% Premium Texas Worm Ranch Worm Castings!

2 lb Gift Bag of Texas Worm Ranch Premium Worm Castings:  $5.00

Buy two of our 10lb bags ($20.00 each) and get a 2lb gift bag for FREE!

Worm Castings Large & Small

Freshly harvested, biologically rich and nutrient dense worm castings.  Perfect for potted plants, seed starting, veggie and flower gardens.  $5 for local pickup or free with Pre-ordered Working Worm Bin!
Yes, we can ship!  For an extra $6.75, we’ll gladly ship your order anywhere in the continental US!

To order, email us at:  rancher@txwormranch.com and we will send you a secure Paypal Invoice.

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