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Five Years of Worm Composting

I am coming up on my 5 year anniversary for worm composting. I didn’t start this as a complete novice, since I did in depth research for years before I ever started. Still, I am always amazed and thrilled to see our Texas Worm Ranch castings at work.

From my first garden plots that I applied Worm Wine to, to our new garden plots at our TWR warehouse, I am always thrilled to see the changes taking place in an ecosystem that has been inoculated with living biology from our castings.
The best words we hear are when our customer tell us, “Our pastures, our trees, our yard, our gardens, our roses, etc…have never looked better.” For organic practices to be adopted, they have to be accessible, affordable and successful. Our goal at Texas Worm Ranch is to convert at least 1 in 10 North Texas properties into sustainable and organic ecosystems. This mission is not about a huge corporation’s bottom line or shareholder profits. This mission is simply about making a better and healthier community for all of us. Thanks for being part of the solution as we work together to make that happen.

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