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Spring is Knocking

This winter was brutal–covering, uncovering, covering again.  Despite our best efforts, almost everything except some hardy Swiss Chard, spinach, and garlic have bit the dust.  I’m always chomping on the bit to start my new spring garden, but this year more than ever.  The urge to feed my family a new season’s wholesome food and feed my soul some garden therapy is strong.

We have heirloom seedlings growing well under growlights, but today I am giddy with excitement to see what my favorite nursery has in stock.  I’m hoping we can plant a few tomatoes this week, covering them in the hoop frames overnight.  I’ll give them love, care and best blessings for a productive season ahead–hoping to erase the brutal work, worry and loss of the winter season.

Here’s wishing you a happy gardening season, too!