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Spraying for West Nile Virus in Dallas

Our of respect for the people scared of West Nile ( I am too–for me and my family), and a couple of friends I know who have had it, I have remained quiet about this issue. My friends at the Texas Honeybee Guild are losing bees, I’m seeing huge loss of wasps, bees and dragonflies (that eat gnats and mosquitoes). The spray is literally wiping out the ecosystem designed to pollinate our food (1/3 of all food is pollinated by insects) AND naturally get rid of the pests–which usually equals more and stronger chemical solutions.  We need to be careful that we don’t create a food system collapse, or total balanced ecosystem collapse.

Jim Schutze, from the Dallas Observer, has quite a lot of good info to say about this topic, as well.

The main ingredient in the spray was banned from flea collars on cats, because it was causing death and neurological issues. The ingredient in the spray is a NEUROTOXIN, that they find persists in soil and water (to a lesser degree). Where sprayed on soil, it is found to have a half-life of about 32 days. (Cited from: Heather Imgrund, Environmental Monitoring Branch Department of Pesticide Regulation, Sacramento, CA 95814)
Here’s the problem–we have some troubling neurological issues going on in our country, with no accountability for why they are happening.
Over the last 12 years, the Prevalence of Developmental Delays has increased 17.1%—that’s about 1.8 million more children with DDs in 2006–2008 compared to a decade earlier;
Prevalence of autism increased 289.5%;
Prevalence of ADHD increased 33.0%
There are 450,000 new cases of Parkinsons each year.
Deaths from Alzheimers have risen 66% from 2000-2008
Yep, Let’s keep messing with our nervous system. We gotta find a better solution (avoid being out in the evening and remove standing water is a great start). In case you cannot connect the dotted lines, we are poisoning ourselves and our kids, folks.  Does it seem like spraying neurotoxins might not be the best idea, considering we seem to have an unexplained increase in (drumroll, please) neurological disorders?
Stay healthy, and be smart.  Let’s work together to dump our flower planters and other things that might have standing water.  Avoid evening exposure, or wear long sleeves and pants if you must.  I don’t want anybody to get sick from West Nile Virus, and I don’t want me, my family, you, or our beneficial critters to suffer long term consequences either.