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Worried about the effects of toxic spraying? Here is what we are doing…

Hello organic friends,

We want to talk to you today as concerned environmentalists and parents.

Many of you are probably as concerned as we are about Dallas County’s decision to spray a toxic mix of chemicals over our natural ecosystems.  Much assurance has been given on the “safety” of these neurotoxins and endocrine disruptors.  At the same time, they are giving a mixed message of “don’t eat your vegetables, protect your pets, don’t go out in your yard, etc.  Earlier this week, Heather spoke against the aerial spraying at Dallas City Council.  Unfortunately, our words fell on our Mayor’s deaf ears.  We are not happy of the effect this spraying is having on our bees, butterflies and other beneficial creatures.  Heather’s daughter has a rash that started the day after they started fogging our neighborhoods by truck.  We cannot eat from our organic garden or sell our organic produce.  As parents and citizens, it is hard to see this destruction and personal impact.

As business owners, we struggle with what direction to take.  See, we know our Texas Worm Ranch has a product that can reduce the exposure to your family and help heal your natural ecosystem—our 100% safe and natural Worm Wine Yard Treatment.  However, we also don’t want to seem like we are taking advantage of this unfortunate decision of our County and City Leaders.  In an effort to reduce the impact of the spray on our families, we will be spraying all of our yards and gardens early next week with our high microbe Worm Wine Yard Treatment.  The research says that soil high in beneficial microbes is the best way to reduce the life of the toxins in the soil.  We’ll give you the information we found, and will let you decide what you would like to do for your family and your property (don’t we wish we weren’t in this position!).

Here is one document we found, which gives differing results from different studies studying cancer and pyrethrins:  http://www.pyrethrum.com/NewsResources/~/media/pyr/Files/Cancer_Assessment_Document.ashx

More info on synthetic pyrethoid exposure:


From a manufacturer’s own website:  http://www.pyrethrum.com/How_It_Works/Environmental_Impact.aspx


“The binding of pyrethrins to soil makes microbial metabolism in the soil an important component of the degradation of pyrethrins, with half-lives of 10.5 days under aerobic soil conditions and 86.1 days in anaerobic conditions.”

Bingo!!!  Something we can do to help reduce the impact on our families and  natural ecosystem.  So folks, that is why we plan to spray our Worm Wine Yard Treatment on all of our property and gardens.  We test every batch of our Worm Wine under microscope to ensure large quantities of beneficial microbes are in our mix, as well as natural plant nutrients, hormones and enzymes which help support a healthy soil ecosystem and ensure healthy plant life. Our Yard Treatment is $150 for a one time spraying or $100 each for a 4 time yearly contract.  This is the time of year to get our yards back in shape after another tough Texas summer, but this year the need for our natural product is even greater.  We are happy to send you more info on our 100% natural and safe product and associated costs.  Please let us know if you are interested in our help, you can call or email Texas Worm Ranch at:

Steve’s Email:  steve@txwormranch.com

Steve’s Phone:  214-755-1111

 Sending Best Wishes for You Family’s Health!

Heather Rinaldi and Steve Clary

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