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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

It’s Thanksgiving time, one of our favorite holidays.  Where nothing is expected but good food, good football and minor family drama.  It is a time of harvest abundance and a time to give thanks.  At Texas Worm Ranch, we would like to express our thanks to our customers who have offered friendship, encouragement, and support throughout this year.  We truly appreciate your business!

This Saturday is our last farmer’s market opportunity at White Rock Local Market before your glorious Thanksgiving meal.  Many farmers will be bringing their best Fall produce to help you with your menu.  Please consider supporting these local farmers, as the market season is about to wind down.  I know they would be thankful for your kind support of their families and farms.

At Texas Worm Ranch, we grow everything naturally.  No chemicals are ever used, but our plants are given lots of natural tender loving care to ensure they are delicious, fresh, safe and nutrient dense.  Did you know we grow our produce less than 2 miles from White Rock Local Market?  That is almost as fresh as growing it yourself!  

What I have found can transport my Thanksgiving meals from pedestrian to gourmet, is the use of fresh herbs.  This Saturday, at White Rock Local Market, we will have fresh sage to add to your Turkey or Dressing.  Fresh chives can make your potato dish pop, and fresh mint will be available to add an extra element to tea or dessert.  Yes, we will bring kale and Swiss Chard and arugula too. We look forward to being a small part of your family’s Happy Thanksgiving.


Bringing the Heat!

Texas Worm Ranch is building gardens today for Maple and Motor restaurant.  The restaurant is well revered by the local food scene, and tales of M&M burgers with grilled jalapenos can be found all over the Web-World.  Thanks to the prodding of a certain patron, and the gumption of owner, Jack Perkins–M&M customers can start dreaming now of  the organic, safely grown,  just off the vine, smacking good heat of grilled jalapenos on those burgers.  Wipe the drool of your chin!