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From reduced waste to reduced waist

We’ve been eating our garden goodies every meal.  This week we have enjoyed potato and leek soup, multiple variations on tomato/basil salads, and berries for desserts.  Yesterday, we had berries for breakfast, guacamole for lunch, pot roast with roasted vegetables and smashed new potatoes for dinner.  Cherry tomatoes are eaten from sunup to sundown as you pass the bowl or the vine.  Tonight’s meal will be a garden “kitchen sink” pasta.  I feel healthy and full of energy and if my girls’ energy is any indication, all this healthy produce is doing them good as well.  We should be super-infused with anti-oxidants.

Yesterday, my husband gave me grief about taking my daily multi-vitamin.  I admit to a massive eye-roll over his concern.  In the last few weeks, both upper respiratory and GI illnesses have run rampant through our neighborhoods, but we have remained hale and healthy.  Sure, there is probably some infectious Kryptonite lurking around the corner, but it has been great to avoid these illnesses so far.

I can’t help but feel grateful to our wonderful little red wiggler worms for creating lovely, organic worm castings that we use to grow affordable and healthy food for our family with.  By using all that compostable waste, I get a good workout and nutrient dense and low calorie food that tastes great.  If more Americans composted and grew their own gardens, imagine what a difference we could make on our national health care costs!  By supplanting our easy and fattening packaged food and fast foods addictions with garden activity and healthful foods…I have to believe we could make a dent in the debt and make less notches in our belts.  There you go, a new underground conspiracy by one of us crazy gardeners.