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Weather Forecast–Gardener’s Best Friend

10 Day Forecast

Take a look at next 10 days. Here in BigD, we have chance for rain on next 7 days. Great for free water and time saving, but…I’m already seeing a lot of fungal disease popping up in fellow gardeners’ plots and cloudy, rainy days leads to more. What would the Worm Rancher Do?

I’m going to be brewing a BIG BATCH of Worm Wine (TM). I’m going to give a generous foliar feeding to of all my garden plants. Not only do the plants absorb the nutrients through their leaf cell membranes (helping them fight off pests and disease), but Worm Wine inoculates those leaves with beneficial fungi and other microbes that will fight off disease-spreading fungi.

If it rains and remains cloudy, I will probably brew another batch for a 2nd feeding early next week. Usually, I do the Worm Wine treatment every 2 weeks, but my plants are doing so well, and I don’t want to risk a spread of fungal disease in my community garden plots from surrounding plots. 

I brew to order, need at least 24 hours, and Worm Wine is $7/gallon or $5 if you order 4 or more gallons. 

Come see us at Texas Worm Ranch, our motto for gardeners is:  Organic, Successful, and Affordable!